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Artifacts Access from Unbound Concepts Live in Baker & Taylor's Title Source 360 Ordering Platform
Baker & Taylor( 09/28/2016 )

Artifacts Access (TM) from Unbound Concepts Live in Baker & Taylor's Title Source 360 Ordering Platform
-Unbound Concepts' Artifact Access (TM) Live in Title Source 360 Enabling Thousands of Libraries, Schools and Retailers Artifact Search-

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 28, 2016 - Baker & Taylor, the premier worldwide distributor of digital and print books and Unbound Concepts, creator of the Artifact platform announced today that artifacts are now live in Title Source 360, Baker & Taylor's premier collection development and ordering platform.

The live integration and display of artifacts allows thousands of Baker & Taylor customers to browse titles by using topics, themes, educational characteristics, literary elements, teaching standards and more utilizing the K12-focused artifact taxonomy. Artifacts also articulate WHY and WHERE concepts appear within stories, providing buyers greater confidence in title selection.

More than 50,000 artifacts are available in Title Source 360 allowing publishers with artifacts to get their titles noticed and included in the new Artifact Browsing tab. All titles containing artifacts include an Artifact icon for easy identification. Within Title Source 360 users can utilize Artifact facets to refine their search results further.

"This relationship is unprecedented in the benefit it brings to the Baker & Taylor customers," said Katie Palencsar, CEO, Unbound Concepts. "We are helping publishers apply K12 concepts to their titles, and at the same time, we're adding the rich contexts of rationale to improve confidence and specificity in a customer's browse and search, allowing for popular or emerging titles to be readily discovered and purchased."

The Artifact platform provides daily updates and additions to the information associated with specific titles within Title Source 360.

"We are ecstatic for Artifacts to be live in Title Source 360," said George F. Coe, Group President, Baker & Taylor. "We are focused on delivering best-in-class innovations to our customers and turning Artifacts on in Title Source is one of those. We know our customers will utilize this valuable partnership for deep discovery and search results of content."

About Baker & Taylor
Baker & Taylor is the premier worldwide distributor of books, digital content and entertainment products from approximately 25,000 suppliers to over 20,000 customers in 120 countries. The company offers cutting-edge digital media services and innovative technology platforms to thousands of publishers, libraries, schools and retailers worldwide. Baker & Taylor also offers industry leading customized library services and retail merchandising solutions. For more information, visit The Title Source is a registered trademark of Baker & Taylor.

About Unbound Concepts
Unbound Concepts is a technology company dedicated to improving the way that readers search, discover and reflect on content. The company was founded in 2012 by educators and has developed the Artifact platform, a technology and community that enlists readers, educators and publishers to contribute and uncover the unique attributes of books and other digital content. The company provides business solutions for content providers and also offers a free web and mobile app for readers, parents, and teachers. For more information, visit

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