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Baker & Taylor has been serving libraries for almost two centuries, but what matters most is how we can serve yours today.

Who We Are

Every day, Baker & Taylor makes the process of acquiring, processing, and cataloging books simpler for academic libraries. Through our range of custom services, we take a fresh, modern approach to creating flexible solutions that maximize engagement and help your library users access content quickly. As the only full-service vendor, we offer a one-stop shopping experience for all formats, including print, eBooks, eAudio, as well as movies and music. Let us help you create more efficient workflows and save valuable staff time. 

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Our Services

Take a sneak peek at our solutions for academic libraries.


An extensive digital library including eBooks, audiobooks, videobooks, activities, and more!


Save staff time with our state-of-the-art cataloging utility, BTCat, built with Microsoft Azure technology. Modify records quickly using custom macros, a feature-rich editor and record comparison tools.

Title Source 360

Select print, eBook, and entertainment titles for easy ordering and fast delivery with Title Source 360. Choose from in-stock titles within our established distribution network.

Rotating Reads

Get titles when they're hot, return them when they’re not. Receive a shelf-ready rotating collection of books for your library with our Book Leasing Program.


Give your patrons access to the whole world. 7,000+ premium publications, representing 120 countries and 60 languages, invite you to become part of a global community.


Ignite imaginations of all ages with Comics Plus, the premier digital comics platform designed exclusively for libraries.

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