Library Solutions

Baker & Taylor’s Library Solutions offer a wide variety of services to support librarians in their mission.

Our workflow solutions leverage the most advanced technology to increase efficiencies and streamline complex tasks, freeing up time and resources. Our solutions help ensure your collection remains robust, relevant, diverse, and finely tuned to your patrons’ needs. 

As for content, we’ve got you covered.  Baker & Taylor’s Library Solutions gives libraries access to the content they need in the way they need it, whether it’s for purchase or lease, or in a physical or digital format. 

We also assist libraries with programming development and help them engage with hard-to-reach audiences, to name a few of our services. 

Books, ebooks, audio books, eaudio books, music, videos and so much more. Learn more about how Baker & Taylor can support academic and public libraries. 

Workflow Solutions

The right workflow is essential for libraries to achieve their goals and optimally serve their communities.

Books, AV and eContent

As the largest supplier of library content, software and services to public and academic libraries in the U.S., Baker & Taylor is proud to be the industry leader in physical and digital media delivery.