Title Source 360

Title Source 360 is a dynamic, state-of-the-art ordering system by Baker & Taylor where you can find all the physical and digital books, plus entertainment titles, for your institution. The site offers new features designed to help you easily find the titles you need and manage your orders more efficiently.

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Patron Must-Haves 

Baker & Taylor offers automatic delivery plans for popular series, test prep, guidebooks and popular authors that are must-haves for your library. You can depend on us to keep your digital shelves up to date.

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Automatically Yours

Automatically YoursTM is a specialized program that allows you to have the latest print and digital — by popular adult and children's authors or series — delivered right to your door, automatically. We send you the latest titles as soon as they are released. No more placing separate orders or worrying about title availability. The titles will arrive on time at your library, every time. Title Source 360 Notification cart option is also available. 

Adult plans include Fiction, Large Print, Non-Fiction, Inspirational, Spoken Word, and more.

Children’s and Teen Services (CATS) plans include Series, Authors and Illustrators, Graphic Novels, Paw Prints, Awards, and more.

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Continuations Services

Continuations is your one-stop source for series standing orders for print and digital content. Our extensive title selection, innovative Web-based system, unparalleled service and free management reports make us a leader in standing order services. Continuations offerings include travel books, almanacs, yearbooks, test preparation and occupational guides, as well as essential general reference. Also included are numbered and unnumbered monographic series, sets in progress, non-subscription serials, proceedings and select U.S. government documents and publications. Our experienced researchers monitor more than 40,000 adult and children’s series from more than 14,000 publishers, so they know when the next issues of relevant publications will be published. We then ship the new titles as soon as they are available. Title Source 360 Notification cart option is also available. Additionally, our friendly support staff provides analyses and extra assistance with your adult and children’s series collection development plans.

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FirstLookTM is the family of notification services available to libraries for print and digital content. FirstLook is supported by a staff of experienced librarians and merchandising specialists who are experts in the publishing and entertainment industries. These services are supported by the industry’s most sophisticated collection development management system, and title lists are provided via Title Source 360. 

Selection Lists

Many of your foreseeable and annual collection needs are supported with the various selection lists offered in Title Source 360. Whether it’s to support a current topic, major holiday, summer reading or a popular genre, you will find a selection list that includes current and forthcoming titles for all of your patrons, from children to adults.

Evidence-based Selection Planning (ESP) helps libraries have the right content at the right time in the ideal quantity and at the locations where it is needed most. By harnessing the same Machine Learning methods that drive Apple’s Siri, Google’s Assistant and the recommendation engines at Netflix and Amazon, ESP predicts how current and forthcoming titles will perform in your library’s collection. When using ESP, you can improve discovery and engagement in your collection, while freeing up staff to focus on other tasks.

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