Baker & Taylor is the leading supplier of library content, software and services to public and academic libraries in the U.S. We also provide sales, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution support to small and mid-sized publishers through our Publisher Services business.

Our mission is to help our library partners inspire and serve their communities through literacy and learning. By providing libraries with access to a multitude of formats and titles, we help our library partners meet their patrons where they are at in their lives.

Founded in 1828, Baker & Taylor began by binding and publishing books and later expanded into distributing books, originally by horse-drawn carriage. Since then, we’ve grown our focus and efforts to harness the power of technology and digitization to develop progressive and innovative services that promote the progress and success of your library.

Based in Charlotte, N.C., Baker & Taylor is an independent, privately held company. We feel privileged to partner with more than 5,000 libraries and to support our library and publishing partners as they advance literacy in communities worldwide.


Our Mascots, Baker and Taylor

Libraries and cats have long been associated together, dating back to the days of ancient Egypt, when possibly the first library cat lived in the Royal Library of Alexandria. In the 19th century, the British government paid libraries to house cats, who earned their keep by stopping rodents from eating the glue and binding off of the books.

We have our own special cat history: our beloved cat mascots, Baker and Taylor.

Both have since passed away, but for many years they were the pride of the Douglas County Public Library in Minden, Nevada. Baker was the first to take up residence. He showed up in 1983 and was named for his habit of sleeping in a Baker & Taylor box. The librarians told a Baker & Taylor sales director that Baker needed a friend, and two months later, Taylor arrived at his new home, courtesy of Baker & Taylor.

Baker and Taylor lived a full life as working library cats. They spent much of their time at the checkout counter, visiting with patrons who would stop by just to see them.

Baker and Taylor provided much joy to our staff, library patrons and book lovers. The pair has since been immortalized on company posters, tote bags and calendars. They also remain a highlight of trade shows in the form of larger-than-life models. Librarians love to pose with them for photographs. We are proud to see their legacy continue.