Diversity Equity and Inclusion

At Baker & Taylor, we embrace the unique perspectives and experiences of our team members, customers, and communities. Together we celebrate a culture that facilitates and inspires lifelong learning.


We are made stronger by the expertise and insights of team members and customers with different experiences and backgrounds.


The unique contributions of our team members and customers enable us to create an environment that offers possibilities for everyone.


We foster an inclusive workplace where everyone's voice is heard, and each team member is empowered to bring their authentic self to work every day.

Baker & Taylor has proudly serves libraries with the industry's best solutions and services since 1828. As libraries work to foster an inclusive and equitable culture and collection within their communities, Baker & Taylor provides the below services.


Baker & Taylor's Cataloging Services teams can update library bibliographic records to make held content in diversity-, equity-, and inclusion-related topics more visible and accessible to library patrons.

Collection Development Services

Baker & Taylor can provide customized Title Source 360 carts of titles in diversity-, equity-, and inclusion-related topics. We can interface with library-specific analyses and provide carts to enhance collections, while preventing duplication with titles held by the library.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Analysis

In conjunction with collectionHQ, Baker & Taylor now offers a DEI Analysis tool by which libraries can confirm, manage, identify holdings, and identify collection gaps in diversity-, equity- and inclusion-related topics.

Diversity & Inclusion Digital Catalog

The DEI catalog offers libraries an easy resource to discover titles for children and adults, with a focus on diverse cultures, abilities, backgrounds, locations, and identities.

Encouraging Conversations Publisher Emails

These emails feature titles for children and adults on challenging topics aimed at starting discussions and encouraging growth.

Kirkus Collections

Kirkus Collections and Baker & Taylor are leading the way in celebrating diversity with the Kirkus Diversity Collections. Celebrate diversity in your library with quality titles from Kirkus Collections.

At Baker & Taylor, we strive to embrace the unique perspectives, experiences, and collective talent of our people. Together we celebrate a culture that facilitates and inspires lifelong learning.

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