Technical Services

More than 40 years ago, Baker & Taylor set the industry standard in cataloging and technical processing services. We have continued to lead the way, investing continuously in innovative solutions to meet your library’s unique and ever-changing needs.

Our Customized Library Services (CLS) leverages our experienced library professionals, best-in-breed technologies, and nationwide warehousing and distribution capabilities to offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that save you time and money.

For help with cataloging and processing, our TechXpress service provides a full range of options that make content searchable before it arrives at your library. We also offer a powerful cataloging tool, BTCat, a state-of-the-art library cataloging utility and database. 

Customized Library Services (CLS) include shelf- ready materials, strategies and support, selection and acquisition tools to simplify collection development, customized records and cataloging and processing services, and in-depth collection analysis to ensure dollars are being spent wisely. Our goal is to help librarians make the most of their resources to meet their system’s needs in the most efficient manner possible.

If you are facing staffing challenges, want to get more out of your budget, or need to find resources to tap into new opportunities, CLS is your solution.  With more than 400 experienced library professionals and access to vast capabilities, including nationwide warehouse and distribution and the most sophisticated technologies, CLS can help you and your library exceed your goals.

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Baker & Taylor offers libraries around the world a full range of cataloging and processing options and services. We know every library has different needs — so our approach is personal. We will work with you to fully understand and meet your requirements. We can deliver all your materials cataloged and processed — and get them into your hands quickly — improving circulation and easing staff workloads

TechXpress is a specialized service that complements our online ordering tools. Designed to allow registered customers to download Machine Readable Cataloging Record (MARC) files for books, records can be downloaded directly from the internet, rather than waiting for diskettes or tapes to arrive.

TechXpress gives you more cataloging and processing options, with hundreds of mix-and-match processing combinations. Options include theft detection devices, mylar jackets, spine labels, laminated covers, book pockets, label protectors, barcode labels, automated records, and much more. We also offer sorted shelf lists and catalog cards, review citations, authoritative cataloging records, and barcode labels meeting all ANSI standards.

No matter how specific your book cataloging needs, TechXpress can be customized to meet all of your cataloging and processing needs. Our automated bibliographic records are easy to use and compatible with virtually any software system, and they contain full cataloging information for more titles than any other distributor.

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BTCat is a state-of-the-art library cataloging utility and database. This tool provides libraries with a reasonably priced, modern cataloging tool that offers easy-to-use features and high-quality records coverage.

Leveraging intellisense interface, current, web-based technology, templates and macros and a comprehensive authority workflow, BTCat helps to make your workflow more efficient and accurate, with exemplary customer service along the way.

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