Music and Movie Programs

Baker & Taylor offers a wide variety of music and movie programs for libraries! 

As the library industry's most experienced movie and music distributor, our video experts work with studios and labels every day! We continually develop entertainment programs and offer promotions that will help your library acquire titles on DVD, Blu-ray, 4k and CD, to meet your patron's needs, while helping you and your library save money and time. Our huge selection of new and backlist titles, from major and independent studios assures you satisfaction and fulfillment from our nationwide network of shipping facilities that deliver product to you promptly. Our programs are designed to help improve your library's movie and music collection by exposing you to new titles, categories and genres.

Baker & Taylor also offers a DVD Leasing Program that allows your library to receive the most popular DVD and Blu-ray releases available to meet patron demand.

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Working with record companies and music suppliers, Baker & Taylor continually develops programs that will help your library acquire music titles that meet your patrons' needs and interests, while helping you save money and time. Our programs are designed to conveniently help improve your library's music CD and Vinyl collections by helping you and your patrons discover new titles, categories, and genres.

You won't have to worry about your music or video releases being delayed by "in-house" library processing time or being marred by stickers and labels that cover up key elements of the box art and can frustrate your patrons. With B&T's DMP services, the original artwork is digitally reproduced according to your exact profile specifications. As a result, all of the artwork information AND all of your library's vital label details now fit on a single custom printed sheet that is inserted into the original (or an upgraded polyvinyl) case, with all original release materials and delivered to you circulation ready! Click here to go to the DMP page. And, ask about our TechXpress® services for all your cataloging needs!

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