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Kirkus Collections

Trust Kirkus Collections to find diverse books that meet modern standards of sensitivity and respect as well as high expectations for literary merit.

About Kirkus Collections:

  • The editors and reviewers of the vaunted Kirkus Reviews identify diverse books that meet their rigorous standards of quality and literary merit.
  • Books are grouped in thematic lists within categories, offering rich context for recommendations.
  • Baker & Taylor makes the curated collections available on Title Source 360, where you can sort, filter, identify duplicates in your inventory, and order just as you would any other title from Baker & Taylor.

Kirkus’ diversity collections go beyond grouping by race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or dis/ability to consider the desired reading “experience.” This consideration of outcome—categorized as learning, cultural identification, or inclusion—is integral to the effectiveness of Kirkus Collections’ recommendations, as it addresses the demand for contextual information around diversity content. For example, is the reader looking for a book to learn about a historical event or tradition (outcome: learning); is she trying to find a coming-of-age story with a main character who experiences similar social and family dynamics (outcome: identification); or does she want a rollicking science-fiction book with a hero who looks like her (outcome: inclusion)? Using Kirkus Collections, her librarian can help her find all three!


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Analysis powered by collectionHQ

Communities need diverse and inclusive library collections that let patrons find material in which they see a reflection of themselves. Yet, curating and managing a collection that encompasses such vast human experience can be time consuming and challenging.

Baker & Taylor’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Analysis can help. This powerful tool analyzes your collection's Fiction and Non-Fiction titles, identifying gaps and suggesting titles.

DEI Analysis supports you by: 

  • Analyzing your collection using industry-accepted DEI topics
  • Identifying gaps at a system-wide and branch level
  • Evaluating representation of diverse populations in both print and digital collections
  • Providing ongoing monitoring of collections so you stay abreast of changing trends
  • Communicating your collection’s diversity, equity and inclusion to community stakeholders

By ensuring all populations are represented in a collection, libraries not only support their communities, they help celebrate the differences that drive economic and social innovation.

B&T Diversity Topic Description 
Asian Includes cultural, ethnic, and regional topics related to Asian people 
Black Includes cultural, ethnic, and regional topics related to Black people 
Disabilities & Neurodiversity Includes topics such as physical disabilities, learning disabilities, and autism spectrum disorders 
Equity & Social Issues Includes topics such as civil and human rights, anti-racism, physical and sexual abuse, homelessness and poverty, immigration, and social activism 
Hispanic & Latino Includes cultural, ethnic, and regional topics related to Hispanic & Latino people 
Indigenous Includes topics related to Indigenous Peoples, including Native Americans/First Nations 
LGBTQIA+ & Gender Studies Includes topics related to gender and sexuality 
Mental & Emotional Health Includes topics such as mental illness, anxiety, mindfulness, grief, and compulsive behaviors 
Middle Eastern & North African Includes cultural, ethnic, and regional topics related to Arab & Middle Eastern people
Multicultural Includes multiracial as well as broad multicultural topics 
ReligionPrimarily includes under-represented religions and religious identities including (but not limited to), Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, etc.
Substance Abuse & Addictions Includes topics such as opioid abuse, gambling addiction, and alcoholism 

See how DEI Analysis can help you. 

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