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Baker & Taylor Offers Customer-friendly Technology Upgrades
Baker & Taylor, Inc.( 10/19/1999 )

Baker & Taylor, a global information and entertainment services company, unveiled the latest release of its Internet bibliographic database from its information services unit, Electronic Business and Information Services (EBIS).

EBIS's The Title Source? II has been upgraded to version 2.1. The Title Source II -- an expanded, authoritative database for verified bibliographic information on the Internet -- now provides a duplicate-check function that allows users to check for duplicate ISBNs in their order carts, among other enhancements. The safeguard also includes a "sort-by-demand" feature allowing users to review Baker & Taylor demand information to help them make selections. (This is useful to customers with limited funds for purchasing or in dealing with subject areas having limited appeal.)

This and other customer-friendly technology upgrades are part of a recent EBIS investment in hardware, software, telecommunications and services to improve The Title Source II database accessible to registered users on the Internet at or

"We believe these improvements greatly enhance The Title Source II," explains Robert Doran, EBIS senior vice president. "It's a never-ending process of making the service as valuable as possible for our customers. Now they'll be better able to find exactly what they're looking for and have the information readily accessible to help them make informed purchasing decisions."

Other improvements include:

  • Cart reminders. EBIS added a "do-not-exceed" feature so that Title Source II users can set product count, total cost and discounted cost limits on their carts. This gives users the ability to match their carts more easily to their budgets. Another technology improvement concerns access to reports. Users now can print, export or view on-line cart confirmation reports and detailed cart reports.
  • Additional on-line inventory. Inventory from book wholesalers Login Brothers and The Bookmen now are included. Login and The Bookmen join Baker & Taylor, Koen Distributors and Koen-Pacific, whose inventories already are on-line. Baker & Taylor believes Title Source II is the only database currently available with inventory from multiple vendors.
  • Book excerpts. EBIS announces that it will supply anywhere from 80 to 100 new excerpts each month. At the moment, 3,700 book excerpts are available to users. The excerpts are taken from best-selling and other high-profile trade, academic and professional titles.
  • A "merge-carts" function now is offered. Users can "merge" multiple carts and receive just one invoice. This feature also double-checks that the same item isn't inadvertently ordered twice.
  • Entertainment upgrade. The Title Source II includes jacket covers for entertainment products, such as CD music and videos, and selected annotations.
  • Links to other Web sites. Direct links are provided from Title Source II to other Web sites of importance to users, including AudioFile, Doody's, ForeWord, BookPage, Koen, Koen-Pacific, The Bookmen and Login Brothers.
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