Powered by the world’s largest single source of educational and entertainment content for schools and libraries, it employs the dynamics of big data and analytics. Learn how your books are performing and make decisions to improve future sales and performance while reducing developmental resources.


Key Features

  • Library circulation and hold trends, along with behavior analytics. A first-in-class offering!
  • Sales comparison against the marketplace or key peers, by genre, format and channel
  • Intuitive and actionable intelligence for daily use
  • Instant access to inventory, sell-through, sales mix and returns to locate problems and opportunity
  • Data overlay of geographic metrics in parallel to demographic conclusions
  • Ability to track sales per circulation by diversity type

Key Benefits

  • Designed for Sales, Marketing, Editorial, Operations and Executive Management
  • Review of sales across the brand or down to a single title and author by state and country
  • Intuitive user-interface that becomes your sixth sense
  • The ability to review performance across the public, K-12 and academic markets

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Publytics Dashboard

Publytics Home Page with Reports

Visual Graphs

From the Diversity and Inclusion Report, details by state on library funding and diverse title circulation in diverse populations.

Data Reporting

From the Current Inventory Report, by title, demand, and with high level statistics.