Parent TV

What is ParentTV?

ParentTV presented by Baker & Taylor offers hundreds of on-demand videos with content designed to support those who care for children, from infancy through the teenage years. Experts featured on ParentTV are exactly that, childcare experts. Your library patrons will know that they can return to new ParentTV content repeatedly for trusted help and support. ParentTV is the perfect partner for libraries to not only reach, but continuously engage with their caregiving population. 


  • Catalog of 2,500+ easy to understand videos and activities
  • 370+ multilingual videos (Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Hindi)
  • Experts from the US and around the world
  • Instant access to research-based, relevant content
  • Seamless integration into any library platform or portal via API technology
  • Librarian resources to encourage member usage
  • Topics parents, carers and teachers often struggle with
  • Conversational and relatable tone
  • Searchable by topic, age groups and experts
    • Featuring videos for parents, videos for children and activity videos
  • Entire growth journey, from pregnancy through high school

Implementation Highlights

Devices displaying ParentTV Interface

We’ve made integrating ParentTV into your library web presence as easy as integrating via API. Your library patrons will be able to access a unique ParentTV dashboard through your library website. Your instance of ParentTV will feature your library logo as well as videos curated by age group. 

There are multiple video bundle options to choose from!

Ready to see ParentTV in action?