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Kids and Teens Bundle for Boundless

The exclusive Kids and Teens Bundle for Boundless allows your youngest patrons to explore your library's programs and e-media like never before.


A suite of notification services to bring your selection process to the next level.


ParentTV offers hundreds of on-demand videos with content designed to support those who care for children, from infancy through the teenage years.


Elevate your library's selection with thousands of engaging comics, graphic novels, and manga.


Transform your library into a hub for personal and professional development, driving positive change in your community

ePopUp Library

Improve your library's influence by sharing your digital collection with innovative partners throughout your community.


Give your patrons access to the whole world. 7,000+ premium publications, representing 120 countries and 60 languages, invite you to become part of a global community.

Paw Prints Publishing

An original publishing program to inspire young readers through social-emotional learning and diverse life experiences.