Books, AV and eContent

Content how and when you want it.

As the largest supplier of library content, software and services to public and academic libraries in the U.S., Baker & Taylor is proud to be the industry leader in physical and digital media delivery. 

Baker & Taylor makes reading accessible for all ages by providing our library partners with a multitude of content services, including:

  • Fast and easy ordering from the most comprehensive selection of titles available
  • Access to Kirkus Collections to discover diverse books of the highest literary merit
  • Book leasing programs for temporarily increasing popular titles
  • A dedicated focus on building collections and creating programming for the youngest readers via our Children’s and Teens Services
  • Easy, instant access to more than one million ebooks and top digital audiobook titles and more than 7,000 magazine and news publications through Axis 360, our digital platform
  • Engagement with patrons outside the library walls through Pop Up Libraries
  • Ability to share collections with schools and students through Community Share, enhancing access and creating lifelong library patrons
  • Entertainment services, including access to music, audio and movie titles
  • Digital Media Processing (DMP), where artwork and label details are digitally reproduced on a custom sheet inserted into a sturdy case

Book Leasing

Get the titles when they’re hot, return them when they’re not.

Children’s and Teen Services

With a suite of collection development services and a dedicated team of children's and teen specialists, CATS supports your library's workflow and unique needs.

Music and Movie Programs

Baker & Taylor offers a wide variety of video programs and products for libraries, and music CDs too!

Axis 360 Digital Content Solutions

With Axis 360, Baker & Taylor's digital media circulation platform, you enjoy easy integration, and your patrons have a world of digital content at their fingertips.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Resources

Diverse collections go beyond grouping by race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, or dis/ability to consider the desired reading “experience.”