Sustainable Shelves Program

Baker & Taylor’s Sustainable Shelves Program helps libraries remove weeded or unwanted books from their collections and dispose of them responsibly.

The process is simple.

  • The library provides Baker & Taylor with a weed list and weeds the books.
  • Baker & Taylor categorizes the weed list into resale and recycle groups and picks up the weeded books at no cost to the library.
  • Baker & Taylor credits the library for the collection within 30 days.
  • Baker & Taylor recycles books that are not suited for sale.

Libraries benefit by:

  • Quickly and easily receiving credits for Baker & Taylor services
  • Feeling confident knowing books are responsibly recycled if not sold
  • Having staff freed up from managing book sales or researching donation options
  • Generating additional funds
  • Ensuring a vibrant, circulating collection for their patrons

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