Ground News

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Libraries not only provide access to a range of media and resources, but they are often responsible for teaching students media literacy skills. That’s why Baker & Taylor has partnered with Ground News to provide libraries with a comprehensive news literacy platform. Ground News is a one-stop shop for news content and the only lateral reading tool on the market that empowers readers to think critically about their news consumption in real time. 

“Academic and public libraries are trusted institutions that need tools for their patrons and students as they access information in a world increasingly filled with misinformation, disinformation and fake news. Ground News is an innovative tool that will help libraries meet this challenging moment as they serve their communities.”- Aman Kochar, President and CEO of Baker & Taylor.


Person reviewing article on laptop


  • Mobile: Breaking news notifications and instant, on-the-go media analysis.                                             
  • Desktop: Comprehensive media analysis and personalized data dashboards.                                           
  • Browser Extension: A free tool to verify and assess news articles online, including on social media platforms.                                                       
  • Newsletters: News outside the algorithm, delivered to your inbox. 

“What librarians and educators love most about Ground News is that it promotes critical thinking. We provide access to diverse sources and organize information in a way that's easy to digest so that readers can practice discernment and become active participants in their information consumption,” - Harleen Kaur, Founder and CEO of Ground News. 



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