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Digital Catalogs

Subscribe to Baker & Taylor's interactive digital catalogs - specially designed to enhance your title search and ordering experience.

  • NEW! Alert (monthly) – Complete monthly media reference source for information on DVD and music titles.
  • At Home (semiannual) – Encompasses a variety of new, recently published and forthcoming titles focusing on the home. Covers topics such as antiques and collectibles, cooking, crafts and hobbies, gardening, parenting and more.
  • Business Now (semiannual) – Showcases the best new books on Business and Economics and focuses on business biographies, entrepreneurship, business history, key industries, personal finance, women in business and so much more.
  • Dispatches (semiannual) – Features military history-including military conflicts, biographies and memoirs, weapons and technology, military and society, covert operations and much more.
  • Forecast (monthly) – Promotes new and forthcoming adult hardcover, paperback and spoken word audio titles.
  • Gift Book Alert (annual) – Holiday catalog featuring the best selections for the holiday season.
  • Graphic Novels (3 times a year) – Comprehensive guide to graphic novels, including trends, new releases and best-sellers.
  • Growing Minds (monthly) – Comprehensive guide to children's and teen selections featuring titles of interest to all levels, from toddlers to young adults.
  • Humanitas Unbound (semiannual) – Focuses on the general humanities and social sciences disciplines includes books on the visual and performing arts, literature, philosophy, law, politics, history, religion and much more.
  • International Trade Zone (semiannual) – Fiction and nonfiction titles carefully selected for the international marketplace.
  • Marquee (bi-weekly) – Comprehensive and essential selling guide for new release DVD and Blu-ray product.

  • Scope (3 times a year) – The scientific, technical, medical and academic resource guide that is an excellent ordering tool for developing academic collections.
  • NEW! Sidelines (semiannual) – Complementing your core inventory with impulse sidelines has never been easier! This catalog features over a thousand of the best in stationery, journals, book lights, plush, games and puzzles all available from Baker & Taylor!
  • Spirit (4 times a year) – Quarterly preview of notable religious and inspirational titles for adults and children. Proudes annotated title listings for topics including world religion, family life, scripture and related fiction.
  • Spotlight (bi-weekly) – An essential guide to the latest new releases coming out on compact disc; plus industry news, selling tips, exclusive retail promotions and sales.
  • NEW! STEAM Ahead (semiannual) – Presents titles that align with and support the STEAM curriculum, including elements of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics to expand how students learn about the world around them.
  • Travel (semiannual) – Features forthcoming travel guides and regional titles.
  • UP Close (semiannual) – Highlights the best in U.S. regional titles published by University Presses and Independent Presses.
  • UPtake (semiannual) – Highlights the best hardcover and paperback books published by University Presses.


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    Axis 360

  • Axis 360: Inside Axis (monthly) – Emails dedicated to informing Axis 360 libraries on technical updates and platform developments. Inside Axis will keep you up to date on new features and site enhancements, updates on partner integrations such as API implementations with vendors and other service enhancements and upgrades.
  • Axis 360: Quick Axis (weekly) – Emails dedicated to delivering timely news on digital titles and publisher participation with Axis 360. Quick Axis keeps you up to date on hot new ebooks and audiobooks, collection development spotlights and promotional offers from publishers.
  • Axis 360: School Axis (monthly) – Our monthly email newsletter dedicated to Axis 360 news and information specific to K-12 school libraries. School Axis provides updates on collection development, tips and tools, and developments specific to the school library market.
  • Book Leasing (monthly) – Prepublication list of titles available to libraries through our Book Leasing and Spirit Book Leasing program.
  • Book Watch (semiannually) – An array of fiction and nonfiction titles carefully selected for the international marketplace.
  • Booking Ahead (monthly) – Annotated list of key prepublication titles.
  • CATS Book Leasing (monthly) – Prepublication list of popular children's and teen titles available to libraries through our CATS Book Leasing program.
  • CATS Booking Ahead (monthly) – Annotated list of key prepublication children's and teen titles.
  • CATS Meow (monthly) – Newsletter for children's and teen librarians highlighting the best book, music and DVD releases.
  • Emergent Voices (monthly) – Gain insight into unique new content created by indie authors. Take advantage of this growing market to broaden your inventory.
  • Essential Editions (monthly) – The best-selling backlist in fiction, nonfiction and children's categories from respected publishers.
  • Fast Facts (weekly) – Features the best new releases, New York Times best-sellers, publicity information and more.
  • Featured Title (weekly) – New and upcoming high-profile titles selected by publishers.
  • Focus On (monthly) – Key publisher-selected titles for seasonal/holiday themes throughout the year.
  • Fresh Press (bi-weekly) – Our bi-weekly newsletter dedicated to independent retailers. Fresh Press provides book recommendations, insights from our buying team, trends, promotions, tips and much more.
  • Library Reads (monthly) – This inaugural list from the LibraryReads organization is designed to help connect librarian's favorite books to as many readers as possible.
  • Shelf Worthy (monthly) – Features top sellers and reader favorites you may have missed. And all of these books have one thing in common - they're all shelf worthy and ready to order.
  • Shelf Worthy Academic (monthly) – Features top sellers as well as new editions of widely used academic titles. From books focusing on business and economics to psychology and social science, we've got you covered!
  • Solo Español (quarterly) – Dedicated to presenting an array of books in Spanish across age and reading levels, from picture books through adult titles, in a range of high-interest categories.
  • The Music Minute (weekly) – A weekly peek at new features on The Green Room, your online source for all things music related at Baker & Taylor.
  • The Rollout (bi-weekly) – A bi-weekly newsletter highlighting what's new on The Red Carpet, Baker & Taylor's online home for video buyers and selectors.
  • whisper, Shout, YELL (quarterly) – Discover fresh reads from new voices in the adult fiction, adult nonfiction, middle grade and young adult categories.
  • Special and Exclusive Programs (as available) – Access to promotions and programs exclusive to Baker & Taylor customers, tailored to your market.

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