Axis 360 is extremely easy-to-use, and with its cloud-based delivery of ebooks directly to devices, Axis 360 creates an unrivaled experience for students.

And, with Baker & Taylor's industry-leading collection development programs, libraries can streamline the selection of print and digital format into one efficient workflow. As your school library's digital materials circulation continues growing, Baker & Taylor is your source for a single, integrated workflow for ongoing physical and expanding digital collections.

School libraries benefit from. . . .
  • Print + Digital, together. Collection development services to help libraries order the right balance of formats, one time, at the point of title consideration.
  • CustomReach. Dynamic marketing program that provides libraries with customizable, print-ready marketing materials to promote Axis 360 to students.
  • Ease. Quickly find, order and activate digital selections via Title Source™ 3.
  • Branding. Logo, links and messaging customized to your library so students have a seamless experience.

Blio™ Customers


Axis 360 integrates with many top ILS providers. Learn how Axis 360 seamlessly works together with Alexandria and Surpass.

Blio™ Customer

Experience eBooks

Axis 360 circulates ebooks through the free Blio™ app, as well as EPUB and PDF formats.

With Axis 360, students can use virtually any of the top multi-function phones, tablets and ereader devices, including NOOK®, Sony Reader™, Kobo™ and Android devices, iPads, iPhones and more, to find, check out and read digital titles. Students can select the ebook format that works best for them — EPUB or PDF formats, or Blio, the fully-accessible, free ereader app that offers rich features and content.

Blio™ Customer

The Fully Accessible
Digital Solution

The entire digital library — from discovery and check out on Axis 360 to reading in Blio™ — provides an enjoyable econtent download experience for all users, including visually-impaired individuals, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Baker & Taylor worked closely with the National Federation of the Blind to make Axis 360 fully compatible with the leading assistive screen-reader technologies, including: JAWS (Job Access with Speech), Window-Eyes, NVDA (non-visual desktop access) and System Access To Go.

Workflow Solutions

We will assist with your ebook solution — either working with your existing workflow or building one for you.